Why Our Brand Questionnaire Just Might Save Your Business


Whether you're a brand new start-up looking for a full branding design or a well-established business with a much-needed rebrand, we ALWAYS start with a branding questionnaire. Taking time to discover what you like, don't like, goals, inspirations, etc -- it narrows the focus and helps us determine a stand-out design for your company. No matter who you're working with, a branding questionnaire is essential to creating a solid foundation for your business aesthetic.

Here's why:

1. Strategy

You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, right? Well, that's what a branding questionnaire is for your business. Without it, you're building your branding blind! A branding questionnaire helps us define who you're serving, what they need, how you differ from competitors, who your competitors even are, etc. If you know who you are and who you're speaking to, then branding your business becomes a breeze!

2. Visuals

The branding questionnaire helps you kickstart the visual process. If you're attracted to a certain shade of blue, we want to know that. If you hate certain patterns or are inspired by a specific skyline, it's ALL important to the branding process. Our questionnaire gets your eyes off Pinterest and let us know what REALLY inspires you vs. what trends attract you. And that's vital to standing out in a crowded market.

3. Direction

Filling out a branding questionnaire helps eliminate the need to continuously shift your brand. We speak to clients all the time that love purple one week and the next week want to swap the purple for neon orange! If you feel like you can't seem to settle on one direction, a branding questionnaire helps to narrow your focus and allows you think twice before changing your brand.

4. Cohesiveness

A branding questionnaire helps you and your team get on the same page. If you work with a business partner or have that generational gap between ownership, we want to help you start strong in the branding process. We typically ask co-owners to fill out the questionnaire separately so we can ensure your business plan is on the same page before we even start the branding process. This saves us time and keeps you focused and unified!

Have you filled out a branding questionnaire for your business? If not, we'd love to chat with you and start that process! Connect with us today!

Amber Brannon