We design with heart, for people with heart.

Tell your story with confidence.

We’ll help you uncover it.


Whether your business is a seasoned digital brand or a new brick and mortar shop, unmatched pride starts with a well-told story. We’ll revisit that initial spark, what makes each day worth it, and why you’re the best choice for your ideal customer. Our intentional strategies and spot-on designs will give you the confidence you need to stand tall and grow well.


We Work Together.

Copperheart’s seasoned team listens first, delivers second, and listens again. We’ll create on-target branding to meet your goals. We’ll watch you take off. And we’ll be there when you need us.


✔ Chat

Every project starts with a call. We’ll get to know you, and you’ll get to know us.

✔ Explore

You'll complete our questionnaire. Your insights + our research = magic.

✔ Create

We work our magic, report progress, and consider your feedback.

✔ Deliver

All work is delivered with instructions on how, where, and when to use it.

✔ Reconnect

We build lasting relationships. We’ll check in regularly, and stand by to help.


01. Small Package

Brand Refresh.

Perfect for:
✔ A brand that needs to update the basics.
✔ A solo-prenuer who is just getting started.

What is it?
This 8-page digital document starts with your new business’ custom logo suite. We then pair it with the perfect primary and secondary color palettes designed to apply to all aspects of your branding. Your brand refresh also includes (1) custom marketing collateral piece of your choice, to get you off the ground and running with personalized, empowered branding that speaks directly to your ideal audience!



02. Medium Package

Brand Styling.

Perfect for:
✔ A brand that’s launching new digital campaigns.
✔ A brick and mortar that needs a visual makeover.
✔ A new brand that needs a firm foundation.

What’s included?
This 16-page digital document aligns a full suite of design assets that ensure a cohesive presence on all platforms. From flushing out your new logo, to pairing with typography, to photography shot lists and aesthetic suggestions, we’ll give you basic design elements plus everything in between! This package includes (3) custom marketing collateral pieces of your choice, designed to help you target your audience with confidence!


AM001_MockUp 2.jpg

03. Large Package

Brand Identity.

Perfect for:
✔ A brand reconfiguring their competitive edge.
✔ A brick and mortar that needs a visual makeover.
✔ A growing brand that needs unification.

What’s included?
This 30-page digital document opens with a strong suite of internal communications guidelines, including your mission statement, story, core values, target audience personas, and brand voice. These elements create consistency across all touchpoints (from hiring employees, to sales copy, to creative decisions), and are meant to share with your team. Then, we build out every aspect of your branding design—logo concepts, social media aesthetics and topic buckets, photography shot lists, and more, all completely tailored to your new identity! As a bonus, our largest package also includes (4) custom marketing collateral pieces of your choice, designed to help you reach potential clients quickly and build your brand’s tribe with confidence.


Just want professional advice?

We’ve got the perfect consultation options for you.


04. Talk it out.

Brand Consulting

Our one-hour consultation call includes:

+ A pre-call brand questionnaire.
+ Exploration of your current needs and future goals.
+ Actionable steps toward growth.

05. Set Goals. Take Action.

Brand Consulting + Audit

Our combo option includes:

+ A pre-call brand questionnaire.
+ A one-hour consultation call to explore needs and goals.
+ A 2-3 page audit of your current brand.
+ Actionable steps toward growth.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 4.37.20 AM.png

Need help deciding what’s right for your brand?

We’ll find the perfect package, together.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What can you do for me?

Oh boy, where do we start? We are a team of expert creatives with business-minded tendencies, well versed in branding, sales, and so much more! Specifically, we provide design work (like logo design, brand color palettes, typography suites, and other aesthetic-driven aspects) and internal communications guidelines (like mission statements, core values, and brand voice). With three packages to choose from, and/or our consultation options, we partner with brands from all sizes and all stages of their journeys who are looking for empowerment, authority, and goal slaying through genuine, heartfelt branding.

+ What’s it like to work with you?

It's like having a seamless partnership. We're looking to you for inspiration, and you're looking to us to bring your story to life through powerful branding. We’ll give you our best work, coupled with helpful tips based on our experience, and a continued partnership (in other words, we'll be here when you need us!). You will always have the final say, but we want you to feel comfortable trusting our expertise, so we can make big decisions with you. And together, we'll celebrate the next chapter of your success!

+ How will we work together if I’m not local?

Not a problem. Our clients are located all over the country! We connect and build relationships via calls, emails and Zoom video chats. We’re used to working for distributed teams and long-distance clients, so you may not even notice that we’re not right down the road! Wherever your business is located, we'll make you feel right at home.

+ What types of clients do you work with?

Working with passionate “go-getting” entrepreneurs is what gets us most excited. Whether you’re an established business or a funded start-up, we are drawn to those who have a heart for what they do, and are looking for branding that better speaks to the people they're meant to serve. That's where we come in! We work with clients from all different industries: food and beverage, health and beauty, hospitality, technology, healthcare, retail, etc. If your heart's in it, we’re ready to step up to the challenge.

+ What if I'm not 100% ready to hire someone for my branding?

We completely understand. Being able to trust someone with your business that you've built from the ground up is hard. It's almost like trusting a new babysitter with your kiddos. We value you and would love to work with you at any capacity that you're ready for. A great first step is a 1-on-1 Brand Consultation Call or our Brand Consulstation Call with Audit. This allows you to gain clarity, trust, and work through the big elephant in your business—your branding.

+ How can I tell if we're not a good fit?

When you meet someone new, you trust your gut. We’ve learned that if we don’t share the same heart for people, we might not be your best fit. Our team has the greatest synergy with clients who understand that our solutions are not automated. We need to learn from each other (your story is our primary source of inspiration!), and we don't deliver work that isn't in anyone's best interest (namely yours and your ideal clients'). We strive to build relationships that allow us to create jaw-dropping work, but most importantly, grow with you.

+ What can I expect as far as timeline?

Our branding projects vary based on size: Small, 2-3 weeks; Medium, 3-4 weeks; and Large, 4-6 weeks. We recommend that you have availability during that time before booking. Based on our current availability, we usually try book out at least 3-4 weeks from your start date. After we sign on to partner with you, we will be sure to send you a detailed timeline. We can work backward from large events or toward milestones you’d like to hit!

+ How much does branding cost?

At Copperheart, we don't just create a pretty logo for your new business card. We focus on the full strategy of an effective brand that separates you from your competitors, "wows" your target audience, and generates more recognition (leads/sales/foot-traffic) for your business! Currently, our 2019 packages start at $2450 and go up from there, depending on the deliverables and tools needed to successfully meet your needs.

+ How do we get started?

Fill out our New Client Inqiury Form HERE or email us at hello@copperheartcreative.com. We will send our Lookbook to you as quickly as we can! What’s a Lookbook? It includes a little more information about us and pricing for our standard packages. Don't see exactly what you need? No problem! Just let us know and we will put together a custom package just for you! At the end of the Lookbook, you will find a link to schedule a call that will allow us to get to know one another a little better, hear about your goals, and determine if we're a good fit.