3 Ways To Authentically Brand Your Voice


Why Developing A Brand Identity Will Make You A More Successful Business

We get it. When you're starting a business, the upfront costs can be daunting. Branding your company may seem like a cosmetic clean-up you can easily correct down the road. However, pretty much every Fortune 500 suggests that branding from the bottom will be what ultimately lands you in the top.

Here are 3 reasons why developing a brand identity is invaluable to a successful start:

1. Branding Creates Your Aesthetic.

We all want to separate ourselves from the competition and stand out from the noise. One of the keys to a successful company is finding your unique aesthetic upfront. Understanding who you are as a business and knowing the WHY behind what you do determines your entire branding process. From logos, to content, to packaging - your aesthetic should communicate your company values and how you are unique to your industry. What is your brand aesthetic currently communicating?

2. Branding Captures Your Audience.

Once you know the WHY behind what you do and develop a matching aesthetic, it's time to move on to the WHO. Who are you selling to? What are they interested in? Where do they shop? What do they care about? Who do they follow? To be a successful business, you must create a brand identity that captures and KEEPS your audience. If you are simply selling to sell, you won't get far. If you want a winning marketing strategy, you need to understand who you're speaking to, and then brand accordingly.

3. Branding Clarifies Your Mission.

At the end of the day, this is what it's all about. One of the first things we do as we begin your branding process is discover your unique WHY. Why do you do what you do? Who are you helping? What question are you answering? What problem are you solving? The brand should always revolve around the mission of your company. That's what customers and followers are drawn to - the heart. Clarify the heart of your company and you will complete your aesthetic and capture your audience.

Branding your business at the beginning is often overlooked, and yet, it is the secret weapon to all company success. Is your branding up to date? Is it communicating your mission to the right audience? Are you a new business owner in need of upfront branding? We'd love to chat with you about your needs, and see if we're a good fit for your aesthetic and goals!

Amber Brannon