How To Avoid Business Owner Burnout


Let's be honest, business owners. No one is dying over graphic design. This was one of the hardest things that I learned (and am still trying to learn) as a creative business owner. I cherish each relationship deep in my heart so I always put my clients first but I began to let that dictate my life, routine, vacations, self-care, and ability to unplug.

Setting better boundaries, learning to say no, and realizing that no one is dying over graphic design has allowed me to not take my business so seriously and release a ton of the stress that I was putting on myself.

No one is dying over *insert your business here*. It's a tough truth to realize, but so freeing once implemented! As business owners, we're often overwhelmed by task lists and the responsibility of caring for a team while also increasing productivity. So how do we intentionally take care of ourselves, our team, and our personal relationships while avoiding business burn out? Here are a few ways we've found really work!

1. Turn off the tech.

From phones to laptops, taking time to shut down and get off the grid on a regular basis is so important to our emotional sanity. Be intentional about staying present as much as possible throughout your day, giving yourself little breaks from screens. Statistics show that anxiety decreases the moment you put your phone down, and we all know that relationships improve with presence!

2. Make room for gratitude.

Whether it's writing a list or just saying it out loud to yourself, taking time to be thankful for even the little mundane tasks will truly impact your mental health. In the midst of the hustle, gratitude helps us focus on what matters most. Start small! Take time each morning or whenever you have a spare moment and write down 5 things you're thankful for, then watch what it does for your heart and your team.

3. Plan ahead.

This seems like a basic one, but it's so often the key to stability in the workplace and personal relationships. By simply planning ahead, taking control of your schedule and sticking to it, you'll avoid burn out naturally. Planning ahead gives you the control, allowing you space for self care, time with family and friends, and intentional tech-free moments. Look at your schedule this week and ask yourself who's in charge here? Your planner or YOU? Take over and plan ahead for the sake of your mental health and quality relationships!

If you're experiencing overwhelm and burnout in your business branding, maybe it's time to get a little help! We'd love to chat with you about how we can do just that! Reach out to us for a consultation!

Amber Brannon