3 Ways Your Company Can Give Back In 2019


One important part of every entrepreneurial or start up journey is the opportunity to give back to it's local community and beyond. From soup kitchens to sponsorships, creating a culture of generosity and kindness will always reap a healthy company culture.

However, not every startup can afford to incorporate social “good” into their business model. So how do you use your business to give back when time and resources are in short supply? Here are a few creative ways to thank your community and give back with joy!

1. Give company bonuses to charity!

This is a great team-building effort! Set goals for teams or individuals to work towards, or project metrics to reach. Offer a bonus for the winning team or individual that is meant to be given to their charity of choice. This will not only empower your team to work for a cause they're personally passionate about, but it also is a win for everyone involved! Last year, we had the opportunity to donate to one of our favorite local charities is the YMCA After Breast Cancer Program in honor of our client and dear friend, Teresa White.

2. Structure philanthropy around team-building!

Office parties and retreats are a great way to help teams establish relationships, but what better way to influence your company by offering up a more philanthropic option! Next time you're looking for a team-building activity, why not try a charity walk for a cause? Do a little research on fundraisers or opportunities to serve your community and build your team-time around that cause.

3. Serve what you know!

When deciding where to serve within your community, why not encourage your team to participate in organizations where their gifts are utilized? For example, instead of sending your graphic designer to a soup kitchen, have them instead teach a photoshop class at an inner city school or dream center. This way, maximum impact is made and your team feels they're making a real difference in their community. Just like how you can catch our owner and creative director teaching her Girl Scouts Troop about entrepreneurship!

We love hearing how local business are affecting their communities! How is YOUR company making a difference this year? We'd love to help you discover how to integrate more heart into your company and branding! Check out more information on our services page.

Amber Brannon