3 Ways To Make A Holiday Impression


The holidays have arrived! Is your business ready? From personalized emails to branded gift-wrap, there are so many ways to make an impression! Here are a few of our favorite ways to ensure your brand stands out this season:

1. Get Personal!

Sending handwritten thank you notes, team Christmas cards, or even sharing behind-the-scenes Instagram stories will show your consumers you value community and love your customers! Find opportunities to give back this season and honor those who've helped your business achieve so much this year.

2. Give It Away!

In a season of so much consumerism, why not separate yourself as a company that loves to GIVE? From socials to emails, there are plenty of ways to give away a product, service, or small gift throughout the season. Your followers will love the opportunity to engage, ultimately leading to a more substantial community! Win win!

3. Show Your Good Side!

Customers often assume the "big box" stores are more convenient, but the truth is that small businesses have statistically better customer service, as well as a better quality product. Intentionally share what makes your small business unique this season! Encourage your customers to embrace shopping small, or give back to a heartfelt cause in their honor! Do "good" together as a team and find ways to serve as a company this season. Shine a light on why small business is so special and you'll begin to build even more brand loyalty!

The holidays are a gift of opportunity for every business owner, and there are millions of ways to stand out as you approach the Christmas season. If you need some help developing your brand through the holidays, we'd love to chat with you!

Amber Brannon