4 Ways To Plan Your Best 2019


In order to have an effective and profitable business, we should always be in a position of planning. To plan is to LEARN, and the more strategic you are in your planning the more your business will benefit. We love a good planning session and do our best to map out each year purposefully. Here are a few of our favorite tips for planning a productive 2019!

1. Look Back.

In order to have an impactful 2019, you must first review what went well (and what didn't) in 2018. We understand that it's a difficult task during the holiday season, but it's essential for growth! Evaluating your yearly wins and losses takes time but it's worth it! Our team is taking an entire working day (at least) to celebrate and review 2018, then establishing our goals for 2019. Take time to review your year so you don't waste an opportunity to learn and grow!

2. Goal Set.

Setting measurable goals is vital to a fruitful year. If you have no goals, you have no direction. Your team also needs to know where they're headed so they can latch on to that purpose and serve your company well. It's simple -- No goals, no business!

3. Schedule Well.

Once you establish a clear list of goals for 2019, go ahead and schedule times in your calendar to review those goals throughout the year. We suggest a monthly or bi-monthly check-in to see if goals are being achieved and where your company needs a push. It also grants you a moment to celebrate goals reached with your team. Celebrating sustains motivation!

4. Get Organized.

We love systems here at Copperheart. From proposals to socials, we do our best to find ways to work smart. When was the last time you reviewed your personal systems? What helps you stay organized? What works best for your team? From paper planners to google calendars, master whatever system works for you and your team and you'll love the results!

Setting aside time to plan for a new quarter is so important to productivity. Start the new year strong with intentional planning and strategic systems! If you're looking for a logo refresh or a full brand identitywe'd love to chat with you! Happy New Year, friends!

Amber Brannon