3 Signs That It's Time To Hire A Branding Agency


Let's talk about bootstrapping your brand. We've all been there -- the late nights, the long hours, the exhaustion that inevitably tracks down every start-up. While bootstrapping is a great way to start small and build scrappy, realizing when it's time to hire a professional is essential to growing a successful brand! Here are 3 signs that it's time to stop the hustle and hire some help:

1. You've experiencing business overwhelm.

Doing all you can do to get off the ground is fine. Trust us, we get it! But there comes a time when the overwhelm is just too much to bear alone, and outsourcing services is truly a reprieve on your mental and emotional health. Yes, it's an investment to go through the branding process, but that investment allows you to focus more on the heart of your business vs. the logistics.

2. You've fallen behind.

You've branded your business yourself and while it may have done the job 2 years ago, it's starting to look a bit outdated or underserved. One of the things we love to do here at Copperheart, is help you create a brand that's timeless, with minimal upkeep as trends change. When you feel your brand needs a refresh, don't take time away from your customers to fix it alone. Go for the professional.

3. You aren't connecting to your dream audience.

We all have a demographic we're trying to reach, and the way you brand yourself has the MOST influence in that connection. When was the last time you were complimented or praised on your current branding? Is your brand drawing the demographic you want? When we take on new clients, we always start with the heart of their company and find dynamic ways to connect that heart to the customer's heart. Connection is CRUCIAL.

I recently spoke at a local "SideHustle" event hosted by Called Collective and realized that many of the businesses I connected with were "personality lead." As a company, we love building brands early on, helping businesses that sell that "in person experience" to find success in their branding output. From coffee shops to wedding venues, breweries to home decor shoppes, we want to help you break free of the bootstrap and step into a strategic and memorable brand! For more info on how we can help via branding services or personal consultations, check out our services page

Amber Brannon