How To Create Lasting Brand Loyalty


In certain seasons, customer loyalty can feel more fable than fact. More often than not, if your buy-in is struggling, your branding is struggling. Sound familiar? We've watched this cycle take over so many businesses, leading to frustration and often times giving up. So how do we end this cycle? How do we keep customers coming back? How do we establish brand loyalty?

It all comes down to VALUES. A recent article in ConversionXL states: "In a study of 7,000 consumers in the U.S., the UK, and Australia those who said they have a brand relationship, 64% cited shared values as the primary reason. That’s by far the largest driver." That number is worth not just our consideration, but our full attention! Connection starts with shared values. Here are 3 keys to integrating values into your brand and fostering a customer loyalty that LASTS:

1. Choose your core values.

We preach this all the time! Sit down with your team (or yourself) and really hash out what your business is all about. Create a list of core values, things your company believes in, stands for, and operates out of. (i.e. integrity, authenticity, positivity, etc.) Check out our core values to get your wheels turning!

2. Share what you stand for.

Do it right and do it often! From social media content to packaging, let your audience know what you care about and why it's so important to your company and/or product line.

3. Be REAL.

While finding unique and engaging ways to share your values to your customers, be sure it's coming from a place of authenticity. Core values aren't a marketing strategy. They are how your brand will impact and influence the world. If you want to have a sustainable relationship with your customers, MEAN IT.

You can learn more about our Copperheart Creative mission statement and core values on our about page. Do you have your business core values defined yet? If not, don’t sweat it. In our Brand Identity package, we take care of that for you! In the full delivery of your brand guidelines, we create your mission, story, core values, brand voice, and much more! Learn more about what is included by visiting our services page. Check it out!

Amber Brannon