3 Ways To Shine At Your Next Networking Event


Here at Copperheart, we love creating and building relationships with other local, passionate entrepreneurs. We're always putting ourselves out there in the community to meet new people at events and other social gatherings!

Psst..it's called networking!

We don't just mean the "passing business cards" kind of networking. That's just scratching the surface! It’s widely understood that people RETRACT from any form of direct sales pitch. As a culture, we are overrun with advertisements on all platforms, so when we’re in a networking environment, we generally know when we’re being sold to.


We believe in building true relationships within in our community! We find that when we do this with intention, those relationships turn into some of our favorite friends and clients! Whether its an industry event or a coffee meet up, relational networking is KEY to developing lasting relationships and client loyalty. Here are 3 ways to ensure you’re networking style is genuine and effective: 

1. Avoid the “hard sell.”

As as we said before, you know when you're being sold to. An easy way to avoid the “BUY MY SERVICES” eager attitude is to consider the people in the room as new friends. Do your best to ask good questions and get to know the person before you ask about what they do (or need). As one of our brilliant business besties often reminds us: “People will work with you if they know, like, and trust you." Be yourself, lead with heart, and you will capture what you put out.

2. Get the referral.

Instead of hard selling to every business owner in the room, begin to think of them as leads vs clients. Most likely, the people in the room aren’t going to be your ideal client. However, they WILL know many that are. If they like you and understand the heart behind your company, you’ve got instant referrals from a multitude of new friends. Go for the referral, not the sell.

3. Be outward minded.

If we could communicate ONE thing to you about networking, this one is it! As you approach new people and share a little about your business, don’t think about what they can do for YOU. Always be thinking “what can I do for them?” This could be an actual product you sell, but be on the lookout for other ways to add value to your new friend. What connection would be useful to them? What book have you recently read that would be helpful? The more you show a genuine interest while thinking outwardly, the more they’ll trust you and want to work with you.

Relational networking is key to any successful business and brand. Is your brand messaging currently reflecting the way you network? Is it relational, branded in a way that builds community and encourages conversation vs. a hard sell? If you're struggling with your brand, we'd love to chat with you about how we can help communicate the heart behind your company!

Amber Brannon