4 Keys To Preventing Business Overwhelm


So often as business owners, we figure out we need help, a break, or just some time off a little too late. If we're not careful, we lose our stamina quickly, resulting in a loss of passion and drive. Luckily, we've discovered some tips through our many years of ebb and flow to help you work through the overwhelm. Here are a few ways to keep sane amongst the hustle:

1. Keep Your Goals Visible.

Keeping your dreams and goals in front of you is KEY to maintaining a positive workflow. We love mood boards, and we've also found that many apps have great goal-setting tools! Whether it’s written, visual, or spreadsheet, choose whatever goal-setting style that excites you!

2. Don't Stop Learning.

Just because you've "made it on your own" doesn't mean it’s time to take off the thinking cap. As business owners, we should be in a constant state of learning. Do your best to keep up with the newest products, tricks, and webinars, workshops, etc. Read books that will prepare you for the next season of business. If books aren't your thing, try listening to podcasts intentionally or maybe an audio book is more your speed. Keep yourself in the mode of learning and watch how your business grows!

3. Get Involved.

Start reaching out and finding ways to connect with other local business owners. Try networking events with other entrepreneurs, your local chamber, etc. You never know what connection you’ll make or relationship you'll forge. Being around other like-minded business leaders will always encourage and inspire you!

4. Have A “Business Bestie”.

From accountability, to fresh ideas, empathy and support, or just the occasional venting…they get it. A "business bestie" is there in the trenches beside you. They understand what you're walking through or struggling with because they're walking the same road. Whether it's a quick coffee with a fellow business owner, or a walk through a park with a mentor, take time to invest in these relationships. They could save your life and your business some day!

Most importantly, have grace for yourself. We all go through difficult or low seasons. Owning a business is a rollercoaster ride, but 100% worth the fight! For more tips like these and other inspiring content, be sure to follow Copperheart Creative on Instagram! If you're a business owner looking for a branding makeover, we'd love to talk to you about your needs!

Amber Brannon