How To Create An Unforgettable Customer Experience


A brand is the experience that your customer has with a business, and the goal is always to leave a lasting impression. We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to create a memorable brand is to deliver an experience that makes your audience FEEL.

Feelings initiate connection, so it’s important to dig deep into your target audience and discover what makes them tick. What gets them excited? What interests them visually? What do they hate, what do they love? You can capture feeling through your content, a strong color palette that evokes a reaction, an aesthetic that excites or a service they didn’t know they needed.

1. Handwritten thoughtful notes.

Developing a memorable brand can be practical as well! For example, as a culture we are overrun with ads and emails, social media marketing and uninvited direct messages. A great way to stand out is a handwritten letter to thank a customer for their service. This has be redefined and widely used within the "makers" market, but it's rarely seen within a corporation. The next time you'd like appreciate a client, contractor, or employee, try writing them a note to personalize your company voice and build that loyalty we all desire.

2. Become the expert.

Another fantastic way to keep your brand memorable is to become a knowledge base within your industry. Whether it's writing articles or including it within your newsletters, stay up to date on industry trends and share that information with your audience. Become an expert voice in your field and share that wealth to encourage credibility and an engaged fan base.

3. Celebrate others!

Our final advice for mastering a memorable brand is to celebrate OTHERS. It may be wishing a client a happy birthday, adding in a personal congratulations to a new contractor within a newsletter, or championing the competition through a social post. Giving back and allowing your audience to see that you care is vital to any brand loyalty. Take time everyday to seek out ways to celebrate your followers and customers and watch what it does for your engagement and sales!

Creating a memorable brand is all about the user experience, so honor them well! Encourage them through your content to engage. Give them a deeper reason to purchase from you. Let them in on your process and always choose authenticity over technicalities. If you have questions or are looking to build a memorable brand yourself, we want to talk with you! Check out our services page for more information about how we can serve your business and the heart behind what we do!

Amber Brannon