How To Provide Feedback That Empowers Your Team


If you're a growing entrepreneur, you know that team culture is not only important but invaluable to a thriving business. From attitude to work ethic, we always say "it starts from the top down." And when it comes to fully empowering your team, constructive feedback is KEY!

So how do you offer feedback in a way that helps vs. hinders? Here are a few of our favorite tips! Empowering feedback should be...

1. Simple & Specific.

It's easy to sugarcoat feedback or beat around the bush when we lose sight of the purpose. Avoid a drawn-out process by keeping your feedback simple and to the point. For example, try entering the conversation with specific expectations up front: "Hey, that proof is great! Can I give you three things I'd like to switch up for the next round?" Keeping it short and sweet will set a light tone and keep your team moving.

2. Sincere.

We can't express this enough! When you offer feedback, be as honest and genuine as possible. Find a happy balance between kind and direct, and speak in a way that honors that team member. If honesty is spoken with sincerity, it's a much easier pill to swallow-especially for those Words of Affirmation team members!

3. Studied.

Be sure to always walk into feedback well-prepared. Know exactly what you're looking for or what questions need to be asked. If you come into the conversation with fuzzy feedback, there's no way you'll get your desired result. Always study up!

4. Scheduled.

Timeliness is next to godliness when it comes to constructive feedback. The longer you wait, the more difficult the problem becomes to solve. When you see a situation or project that requires special attention, address it as soon as possible.

Have any great tips for offering feedback? We'd love to hear how you handle constructive criticism within your company! Hop over to our recent Instagram post and share what helps you empower your team with quality feedback.

Amber Brannon