Referral Program

We believe in honoring the kindness being spread about Copperheart Creative. We believe in using our resources, as you are sharing and spreading the word about us, to thank you properly.

What could you do with a $100 right now? Bring a meal to a new neighbor? Donate clothing to your school? Treat your family to a unique experience to create memories? As we do the work God has given us, we want to be good stewards of the resources He provides. We care more about people than platforms.

Thank you for impacting our business and lives. We would love nothing more than to spread the kindness back to you. #KindnessMatters


  • This reward is only available for the clients who purchase the following services: branding package (small, medium, or large) and/or Squarespace website.

  • The referrals are only paid on the initial contract for the initial service. Only one reward will be awarded per new client referred, not per project.

  • There is no limit on how many people you refer! (PS: You’re a rockstar!)


  • Your referral must sign a contract and pay our 50% deposit to Copperheart Creative. Once that client is officially on-boarded with a solidified project start date, we will reach out to you and ask your preference of reward.


  • You may opt for one of two options:

    • $100 Amazon Gift Card will be sent to the mailing address you provide in the secure form. If lost, we will not resend, replace, or replenish.

    • $100 Copper Credits are available for past and current Copperheart Creative clients only towards your next upcoming project! The credits expire after 90 days. Each credit will have an expiration date clearly listed on them and will not be accepted after that date.


  • You can’t refer yourself… because, duh.

  • You can’t refer any previous or current Copperheart Creative clients… because, also, duh.

  • Referrals will not get the commission if the prospective client does not sign up for one of our services. A successful referral is when you, the referrer, refer a client to Copperheart Creative and the client signs up for one of the services listed above.