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Tailspin Brewing Co.

Tailspin Brewing Co. is a veteran-owned craft brewery committed to sharing great beer with their community and the world. It was so much fun to create an award-winning website, slick packaging, and much more for a brand with such a heartwarming story.


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Tailspin is a historic 1933 dairy barn turned craft brewery in Midwest Ohio. Owners Jack and Terese have worked hard to preserve the unique character of the barn, creating an inviting environment to enjoy a cold craft beer. We created a website, packaging, and merchandise that reflects the story behind this unique venue.

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Tailspin Brewing came to us with a logo, a gutted dairy barn, and a big dream! We teamed up to make that dream a reality, not only through quality design but also great photography. We partnered with local photographer, Julie Link, to create jaw-dropping images that enhance the brewery’s online presence before actually visiting!

Mobile Experience

Craft beer drinkers do their homework

We know the importance of eye-catching, mobile-friendly site for brick & mortars like Tailspin, so we strive to create a mobile website that exceeds expectations. When someone types "Where to grab a beer?” into their search engine, we’re ready with catchy colors, easy-to-find info, and smart design!

This unique space needed a standout website - one that allowed visitors to experience the Tailspin difference before they ever stepped onto the property. We created an award-winning website that brings customers right into the brewery by including elements from the physical space into the brand: wood textures similar to the structural wood beams in the barn, warm-color tones to mimic the space’s calming lighting, and inviting copy that sounds just like their friendly staff.


Kind Words from our Client
“Copperheart was tremendous and thorough as they used our logo and branding-to-date and crafted a perfectly elegant, simple website that showcased what was important to our business. Since then they've created our new beer labels, extended our brewery merchandise and crafted several print ads (that have drawn raves from our publishers). We are looking forward to finding her a new challenge!!”
Jack Waite, Owner/Brewmaster of Tailspin Brewing Co.
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