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What can you do for me?

Oh boy, where do we start? We are a team of expert creatives with business-minded tendencies, well versed in branding, sales, and so much more! This allows us to focus on “big picture” creativity - while bringing in designers, copywriters, developers, photographers or anyone we might need to get down to the details and help you reach your goals!

What’s it like to work with you?

A seamless partnership. When you hire us, you are looking for professional help with your business brand and website. We’ll give you our best work, coupled with a handful of helpful tips we’ve learned over the years. You will always have the final say, but we want you to feel comfortable trusting us to make big decisions with you by our side. We truly believe that together, we can see you and your business succeed with flying colors!

How will we work together if I’m not local?

No problem - our clients are located all over the country! We connect and build relationships via calls, emails and Google hangouts. We’re used to working for distributed teams and long-distance clients, so you may not even notice that we’re not right down the road! Wherever your business is located, we make you feel right at home :)

What type of clients do you work with?

Working with passionate “go-getting” entrepreneurs is what gets us most excited. Whether you’re an established business or a funded start-up, we see your heart to wake up every day and help your corner of the world by offering them excellence in business. We’d love to get you there! We work with clients from all different industries: technology, healthcare, non-profit, food and beverage products, real estate, ministry, personal care, retail… you name it, we’re ready to step up to the challenge.

How can I tell if we're not a good fit?

When you meet someone new -- you trust your gut. We’ve learned that if we don’t share the same heart for people, we might not be your best fit. Virtual teams have the greatest synergy when working with clients who understand that on the other side of that phone call and email chain, we are people too. We strive to build relationships that allow us to create jaw-dropping work, but most importantly, to grow with you.

Can I speak with a previous client about what it’s like to work with you?

Of course! We love when our clients to connect with one another! We would be happy to connect you to any of our previous clients via email with their permission.

What can I expect as far as timeline?

Full branding projects usually last 4-6 weeks and custom websites around 12-14 weeks, depending on the size of the project. After we sign on to partner with you, we will be sure to send you a detailed timeline. We can work backwards from large events or toward milestone launches you’d like to hit!

What website platform do you use for building websites?

Wordpress, all the way! We believe in customization. You should be able to navigate the back-end of your website to update content or upload blogs in the future. But don’t worry - we’ll develop your website so that you can feel comfortable logging in without worrying about ‘breaking the internet’. :)

In website design, when would I get to see the fun stuff (i.e. the design)?

Trust me, we love the fun stuff, too. But before that can happen, we have to pump the brakes and dive into the strategic part (the piece that makes your business successful!). To break it down: building a website is similar to building a house. Before we can decorate, we have to finalize the blueprints and decide how many bedrooms you want. Once all those decisions are made, you can expect to approve the "fun stuff" a little bit before halfway through our project timeline.

How do we get started?

If you think we’re a great fit for your business, we love to hop on a call (or grab a margarita) right away! This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, as well as hear your goals, pain points and target audience for your current brand. We want to understand all the different aspects of your business before we begin to create an effective strategy to grow it. In the end, pretty design is fun to look at, but it won’t do much good if it doesn't communicate your brand and generate revenue, right? Once we find out that we are a match made in heaven, we’ll provide a project estimate/timeline, client contract, and a 50% deposit invoice for the full-project estimate to secure your project timeline. Smooth sailing from there :)



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