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Copperheart Creative is a Nashville-based collective of creative-preneurs connected by our desire to build a great virtual branding agency experience. With valued clients and important projects, even the very best creatives struggle to do it alone. This realization led us to come together under a new name, working together to complete brand initiatives bigger than we could accomplish on our own.

And just like that, Copperheart Creative was born.

We love partnering with inspired businesses to provide creative solutions through effective design. Our expert team understands technical elements and creative ones, as well as the sales goals and audience growth all businesses need.

We may have a new name, but we still have the same heart. We’re passionate about finding - and capitalizing on - the things that make your business work. We believe an effective brand and usable website is a key element in your business strategy. Small but mighty, we want to be a trusted partner in finding solutions to what keeps you up at night. Because if your heart is in it, so is ours!

About Copperheart Creative About Copperheart Creative

Why Copper?

Just as the element copper is an essential nutrient for everyday life, smart design is a must for any thriving business. When mixed with other metals, copper is strengthened. Combining “copper” and “heart” symbolizes how much stronger we are together. Between your growing business and our creative solutions, there’s no limit to what we can create together!

Our Core Copperheart Values

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    We love working for people who are driven by passion for what they do. That’s why we say, ‘we design with heart for people with heart.’ We promise, if your heart is in it, so is ours!

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    Your biggest challenge is our biggest opportunity. We believe everything can be solved with a smile, kind words, hard work, and a dash of creativity.

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    Big-Picture Focus

    Your sales goals are our priority, because design is just a pretty picture unless it’s effective.

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    Your business is our passion! We want you to be thrilled with your results - in fact, it’s why we get out of bed in the morning.

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    Creative Solutions

    For every business mystery, there’s a custom creative solution. That’s why you won’t see any packages here. Everything we do is perfectly customized to your needs.

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    When we say "we," that means you, too! This is a seamless partnership, working hand-in-hand to make your business dreams a beautiful reality.

Our Wonderful Clients

Devoted Dreamers
Dare To Be
Crosspoint Church
Amber Brannon
MEET THE Founder + Creative Director

Amber Brannon

Hey there! I’m Amber, the founder and creative director behind Copperheart Creative. I am a small-town girl, big-time people person, a lover of beautiful design and a possible coffee-choco-holic. I’ve always been creative to the core, but it wasn’t until I first laid eyes on Photoshop in high school that I knew design was what I was made to do. After graduating as my college salutatorian, I began my career in the agency world.

I am a dreamer, a doer, a lover of people, and a seeker. And to me, that's the makeup of a great creative: dream big, work hard, find connections, and push boundaries. I dreamed up my perfect job, and then I quit my 9-5 job to create it. Years of agency experience gave me a passion for the work I’m doing today: serving clients with heart and connecting people through amazing design!

I’m honored to be listed among the Top 10 Designers in Tennessee, but experience has taught me I can’t do it all alone. The best lesson I’ve learned in business is to hire talented people who complement my skills. That’s how Copperheart Creative was born.

Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to find out if your business and our creative team are a match made in heaven.


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